Old businesses remain steady, new ones popping up in Dickinson

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DICKINSON, N.D. - The Dickinson Chamber of Commerce says that older businesses report their numbers are down from the peak of the boom, but they're higher than they were in 2012.

But as established businesses remain steady, they say new entrepreneurs are also getting to work in town.

Dickinson small businesses are serving up different ways to attract customers during the oil slump.

"We settled into a new normal. We don't have as much of a transient population coming through now. It's really your neighbors," says James Young, Players' General Manager.

As older, established ones adjust to a new economy...

"We added some extra sandwiches, we added salads, pizza menus," says Young.

The chamber of commerce says they've seen a growth in new businesses since the slowdown began.

"The real estate is here now. So if you want to open a small business, there's lots of office spaces available where you can have locations for a shop," says Cheryl Viola, Dickinson Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.

Stark Development Corp. Gaylon Baker says many new businesses cater towards young families due to that growing population.

"A lot of young families are here, a lot of young families stayed after the oil left town to some degree. And so what we're seeing is those people getting involved in the economy more," says Stark Development Corp. Executive Director Gaylon Baker.

Rattle and Roll Baby Boutique is one of those businesses.

Owner Sonya Sachs says she thinks this was the best time for her to open the store.

"I think the economy is still really good here in Dickinson. Even though a lot of the oil activity has went, there's still a higher population than there was a few years ago, there's still an influx of families, there's still babies being born," says Sachs.

Sachs says she can't imagine opening during the boom, and the current climate is helping her get her feet wet.

Baker says despite the steady economy, bankers are being cautious with new startup loans.​