Old Burleigh County Jail to be renovated

The old Burleigh County Jail in downtown Bismarck will undergo some renovations after being empty for more than five months.

County Commissioner's talked about the first steps for the old jail's reconstruction Monday.

The jail first opened more than two decades ago. Monday evening, county commissioner's approved a bid to demolish the interior of that jail.

The new jail opened this year and left this building with nothing but silence

The old Burleigh County jail will be reconstructed to become office space for the sheriff's department and the state's attorney's office.

"It will provide both the states attorney's office and the sheriff's department space for some future growth. If the community continues to grow, we know what's going to happen to both agencies. So, that will be a good thing for all involved," said Burleigh County Sheriff, Pat Heinert.

The entire project will cost more than 9 million dollars, more than 700-thousand of that will be used for the demolition.

Money will come from the half-cent sales tax used for the detention center.

"The demolition is going to be extensive given the fact that it was a jail that's now being converted into office space. So, the floors will be completely gutted. So there'll be empty space," said the architect for the project, Jeff Ubl.

Ubl said the demolition will last around 3 months.

It isn't expected to begin for another two to three weeks.