Oil worker laid off due to dropping stock prices

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BISMARCK, N.D. - U.S. oil stocks have taken a dive. Finance and oil experts say it's due to an oil war between Russia and OPEC amid coronavirus fears.

The hit is now being felt by more than just the economy.

Joshua Roueche' has worked as a boiler maker in the oil industry for three years.

However this year, his job was cut short.

Once the plant is built, Roueche' says his commissioning team is typically there for another two months of inspections.

He says he was let go from a project in Wyoming about a month and a half early due to a drop in stock prices.

"They trimmed the fat and sent everyone home. It was a layoff. So, technically I could get unemployment if I wanted to but I've already got another job lined up," said Roueche.

Roueche' says he was one of the lucky ones. He says many of his coworkers expected to start on other projects once this was complete. However, he says those plans have been put on the back burner until the market stabilizes.

Roueche' says the scariest part is the unknown.

He says he doesn't know if oil jobs will continue to be scarce or for how long.