Oil production up for the month of August

BISMARCK, N.D. - Oil production was up in the month of August according to the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources.

Compared to July, the amount of oil produced was up 3.5 percent, which is an increase of over 36,000 barrels per day. Natural gas production was also up about 2.5 percent in August as compared to July.

This was the first time in several months oil was up more than gas, after several rigs moved to different locations.

"We actually have some expansion of the activity, drilling and completions outside that really gassy core area which is bringing the gas level ratio down some,” Lynn Helms with the Department of Mineral Resources said.

August also saw a five-fold increase in the number of wells that were transferred to new companies, with 681 going to new operators. Helms thinks that's due to companies focusing their attention on areas that are having the greatest success and shutting down wells that aren't in those areas.