Oil additive featured at KMOT Ag Expo

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MINOT, N.D.- Equipment is a large part of an operation. Whether you're working in construction, farming, trucking, driving, anything, you want your equipment to last. An oil additive featured at this year's KMOT Ag Expo claims to do just that.

By adding one ounce per quart of Power Up lubricants to any motor, hydraulics and gear oil, it can help your equipment run smoother for longer, start better in the winter and improve your fuel economy.

It works by acting as a lubricant by getting rid of heat and friction within your motor.

"I mechanic for a living and I'm pretty skeptical of additive and this is the only thing I've ever seen that I would sell and actually tell people to use," said David Smith, Kleenoil Wyoming distributor.

Smith says he puts power up lubricant in everything he owns, including his lawnmower, razor, even his son's truck.

If you are interested in buying some Power Up Lubricants, you can call David Smith at (307) 660-0890.