'Officer Involved' documentary screens in Dickinson

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A Georgia police officer spent three years creating a documentary about officer involved shootings.

Now, he's taking the documentary on the road, and one of his stops is Dickinson.

Not many people think about what police officers go through after a shooting. That's what 'Officer Involved' is all about.

"A lot of police officers aren't encouraged to talk about these incidents, to talk about the shootings and what they went through. So a lot of police officers are finding that they can connect to the people up on screen and say hey, maybe I'm not abnormal," says Patrick Shaver, filmmaker.

Shaver, who is an officer in Georgia, spent three years making the documentary.

He says he was inspired after his friend was involved in a shooting.

"I saw some changes within him, so as I looked for ways to communicate what I had seen, I noticed there was nothing in film form that shows what happens to the police officer after a shooting," says Shaver.

'Officer Involved' has been shown to police officers and their families all over the country.

Corporal Thomas Grosz with the Dickinson Police Dept organized the screening.

"It is not a glamorization of police work. It is just a look at the humanity behind the badge, and how life and death situations, even if they occur infrequently, how they affect the officer and the officer's family," says Grosz.

Shaver says he hopes 'Officer Involved' will shed light upon the difficult decisions officers make.

"We want the community to see this, and connect these voices to some of the stories they may have heard. And see some of the humanness, and see some of the emotions that these officers do experience," says Shaver.

Shaver will be screening the documentary in Billings, Montana June 30.