Off-road vehicles may soon be allowed on Bismarck streets

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Bismarck residents could soon be allowed to take to the streets in off-road vehicles.

Some Bismarck residents say it wouldn't be a good fit for the city, others don't see a problem.

"Want to be able to make sure they can follow all of the rules of the road, put their turn signals on, that sort of thing. If they can follow all of that than I don't have any issue with it," said Lee Greuel, Bismarck.

"I think it would be bringing Bismarck more as up to date as the rest of the country," said Gary Schafer, Bismarck.

Mandan, Minot, and other communities in North Dakota have already legalized these vehicles on their roads. Opponents fear that the vehicles would be an extra danger on the road.

"Just the visibility that someone might not see it coming, take a turn from the wrong lane, something along that line. Honestly, that's not a great difference from a lot of our typical vehicles either," said Lt. Jeff Solemsaas, traffic commander.

The proposed ordinance wouldn't allow ATVs, commonly called "four-wheelers".

A public hearing on the ordinance is expected to be held at an upcoming City Commission meeting