Oak Park Farmer's Market opens for the season

MINOT, N.D. - The Oak Park Farmer's Market opened Thursday morning for the summer season.

The work for all the produce and products started long before the customers arrive.

"I've made over 500 cookies this week already,” said Paulette Pollard, vendor.

Pollard spends up to three days preparing for each farmers market.

But gardens like the one Elizabeth Ledoux runs takes months of prep work to be ready.

"For the customers, I think they really appreciate that they get something that is super fresh instead of something that was picked maybe three weeks ago and then shipped in,” said Ledoux, vendor.

Once the whistle blows, the customers can start shopping.

This market is not just for the experienced shopper

"The farmer's market is so fun!" said Emmett Morin, 7 years old.

But there are a lot of regulars too.

"It is just so much fun to support these people that work so hard all year round growing their stuff,” said Karen Anderson, customer.

The farmer's market is a family tradition for Ledoux dating back to 1976.

"My mom and dad started this when I was quite young, and me and my sibling, my sister and brothers, have been working at this since we were young,” said Ledoux.

For others, it's about reliving a little bit of history for their customers.

"Bring back what they grew up with, so the homemade caramel rolls and the buns everybody likes that. And many of them will pick up something. This is like I remember from when I was growing up,” said Pollard

Giving the community some true farm-to-table food.

The Oak Park Farmers Market is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9 a.m to noon.