Not guilty pleas in Minot trailer court shooting

MINOT, N.D. – A Minot man pleaded not guilty Monday to 18 felony counts over two case files, including attempted murder, stemming from a January shooting at a Minot trailer court.

Prosecutors say that 30-year-old James Blue II opened fire at a trailer in the Northland Trailer Park. Police say that Blue fired a shot at one of the officers, but missed. Court records indicate that officers were eventually able to arrest Blue, and he called one of the officers a racial slur, along with other profanities.

At Monday’s three-hour preliminary hearing, a Minot Police investigator testified that on January 16, the night before the shooting, Blue held a gun against a woman’s head and threatened to shoot her in front of a child. A Police officer testified that during his arrest following the shooting the next day, Blue spat on at least four people, including officers and paramedics, and hurt one of the paramedics by grabbing his arm.

In cross-examination, Blue’s attorney questioned the sequence of events the day of the shooting, along with who witnessed Blue fire the gun, and how many times he fired it.

Judge Gary Lee ruled there was probable cause to move forward on 18 of the 19 charges Blue faced. Lee dismissed one count of ‘contact by bodily fluids or excrement’ due the wrong officer’s name on that charge.

Lee advised state prosecutors to produce all evidence against Blue to the defense in a timely manner, including statements and body cam footage, after Blue’s attorney said he would file motion against the state.

Blue faces a charge of aggravated assault in the second case file, stemming from accusations he strangled a woman multiple times on Dec. 8, 2016, forcing her at one point to lose consciousness.

Blue will appear in court for his pretrial conference Oct. 11.