Northridge students deliver quilts and Christmas joy

Published: Dec. 26, 2019 at 5:11 PM CST
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A few weeks ago, we took you to a fourth-grade classroom at Northridge Elementary School in Bismarck. Students in Mrs. Frohlich's class were busy stitching crocheted squares into quilts.

The kids were still deciding who to give the finished quilts to, but they managed to find some very deserving, and very grateful recipients.

"We think you'll like it," Cohen Monroe, fourth-grader at Northridge elementary said as he handed a package to a resident at St. Vincent's Care Center in Bismarck.

Talk about a special delivery.

"We are giving lap blankets to people who need them," said Monroe.

These fourth graders spent the past few weeks stitching these squares together to make one big quilt and four lap quilts. On this day, they brought those quilts to residents at St. Vincent's Care Center. Residents like 101-year-old Sister Monica and Ione Spotts.

Spotts will put this new quilt to good use. "My favorite thing is to lay on the davenport and cover up, so now I have something to cover up with," said Spotts.

Turns out, the kids actually brought more than just quilts. They also delivered a bigger gift: the gift of joy.

"It makes their spirits very happy because they feel the joy that people made them something," said Monroe.

"We want to celebrate Christmas and bring her joy," explained Northridge Elementary fourth-grader Logan Bender.

"We are just spreading Christmas joy," said Jacob Fischer, a fourth-grade student at Northridge Elementary.

The residents reactions and their smiles are contagious. These kids can't help but smile, too.

"It's just cool to see people go, 'whoa thank you' and to see their reaction when you give them a gift," said Fischer.

A reaction they'll always remember, as they experienced the gift of giving.

The students also gave one quilt to a fellow Northridge student who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

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