North Dakotans pen in picks for primary

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BISMARCK, N.D. - From life-long voters like Maureen Mink: "I've never missed voting, in any elections so I feel it's my duty as a citizen."

To first timers like Elizabeth Romanick: "I've never voted before and am so glad I did, because it was a great feeling – heading to adulthood, and being more responsible."

Romanick pedaled to the polls Tuesday to punch in her political preferences, but she admits she might be playing favorites.

"To see my dads name on the ballot, he brings me joy, excitement, and I vote for him because he's an awesome dad and makes me awesome," said Romanick.

Some other office hopefuls were spotted with the Scantron.

Bismarck mayoral candidate pastor Isaac Afoakwa came to cast his ballot.

He says win or lose, he thinks the city will be in good hands.

"Both guys, Bakken and Mike Seminary are great guys, so whoever the lord chooses to lead our city, I'm gonna go for it," Afoakwa.

Tuesday's election will decide new city leaders.

And, propel dozens of other candidates to the main event in November.