North Dakota teachers' names used in fraudulent unemployment claims

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MINOT, N.D. - North Dakota teachers' identities are being used by scammers looking to take advantage of COVID-19 unemployment benefits.

Teachers in North Dakota have become the most recent victims of unemployment fraud, after cyber security officials say names were used in fraudulent unemployment claims.

An internal investigation found the names of the teachers were found from the Education Standard Practice public website.

Leaders at Job Service North Dakota have also taken action by forming Attorney General's Task Force to help combat the problem.

“Last week we found out that we had some fraudulent claims come win. We worked with the attorney general office to create a task force to help with the investigation of this,” said Brian Klipfel, Job Service ND executive director.

The task force consists of multiple federal and local agencies to help combat unemployment fraud. Even so, Klipfel said that employers are the first line of defense against fraud and should report it when they see it.