North Dakota native Clint Hill reacts to release of JFK documents

Published: Oct. 27, 2017 at 8:17 AM CDT
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North Dakota native Clint Hill, who worked as a secret service agent for President John F. Kennedy—and is known as the agent who dove on the car in the midst of the President’s shooting—spoke with CNN's Wolf Blitzer Thursday about the release of previously classified documents regarding JFK’s assassination.

Hill said he's glad the information is coming out.

“Perhaps within them, we'll find out the motive, or answer the question 'why.' That's one of the more important things to myself and to others. The other thing is that the more material they hold back, the more suspicious people become that they're hiding something. And I don't think they need to do that. Think that every bit of information that they have should be released,” said Hill.

Hill documented his experiences working for the secret service in his book 'Five Presidents' and has spoken multiple times about his life during visits to North Dakota.