North Dakota makes top 10 list for likelihood of hitting a deer

BISMARCK, N.D. - Your chance of hitting a deer in North Dakota is one in 87, according to a State Farm survey.

North Dakota ranks 10th in the country for how likely you are to hit a large animal. The Department of Motor Vehicles says there's an average of 2,900 deer-vehicle collisions here each year. And in the fall, deer are moving around more often and more likely to be crossing the road.

"You tend to see them where there is cover on one side of the road and food on the other,” said big game biologist Bill Jensen with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. “They're moving back and forth between where they're bedding or sleeping and where they want to feed."

If you see a deer, slow down and don't swerve, and be on the lookout in case there are more around.