North Dakota is seeing more and more community spread coronavirus cases

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BISMARCK, N.D. - With the influx of positive coronavirus cases, the state Department of Health says many are getting sick through community spread.

Photo courtesy: NDDOH

The Centers for Disease Control defines community spread as coronavirus infections concentrated in a particular area.

These cases infect people who've received a positive diagnosis without knowledge of direct contact with an infected person or travel to an affected area.

The coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets, tiny particles created when someone coughs, sneezes or even just breathes.

Those can spread the virus from person-to-person or through contaminated surfaces.

State DOH leaders say figuring out the exposure source for each case becomes more difficult as the virus spreads.

“We just put under investigation down, but it's likely that that person will end up being community spread,” said ND Department of Health Public Information Officer Jennifer Skjod.

Social distancing and practicing everyday cleanliness measures like washing your hands is important now more than ever in order to slow community spread.

The CDC acknowledges the newness of the disease brings everyday lessons about how it spreads.

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