North Dakota family recreates 90-year old photograph

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The old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words is the exact way to describe what a North Dakota Farming Family did to recreate a 90-year-old memory.

The Wunderlich Family grew up just outside of Voltaire.

The five brothers worked alongside each other, farming the land and tending to the animals.

The brothers separated as each left for the military, but one thing brought them back to the same place after all these years.

A single picture, with no words, but a thousand memories.

"The two youngest brothers are no longer with us. So it's just the three of us, and Walt lives in California," says Eugene Wunderlich.

In 1929, a snapshot was taken, of the three brothers on a very familiar bench.

"We have no idea how old the bench is, it was there. That’s all I remember--Nah, I don’t remember either," said Donald and Eugene.

90-years later, the brothers gathered together to recreate the single memory once again.

"For me the biggest thing was to get the same angles with the same background to show all the changes over the years," said Donald.

Changes to the farm that once thrived during the 30's.

"The old barn was the landmark. That was the landmark and it still is," said Donald.

While also being a part of historical breakthroughs.

"We finally got electricity turned on, on Christmas day of 1947," said Eugene.

However, as the years go on, the memories slowly begin to fade.

"I don't remember, but you know we talk things over quite often and there's things he remembers, about events and so forth that I don’t even remember," said Eugene.

As 90-years, and a few miles separate the brothers from the farm they once called home.

"I live 3- quarters of a mile down the road so I go by every day--and I live in the Minot area, so I don’t get out here that often, but we get together every once in a while," said Donald and Eugene.

Remnants of the old structures, and the bench is what keeps these brothers coming back for the memories.

Walt, the brother who lives in California, made it back in August for the re-creation of the photograph.

He says he plans on visiting again next year.