North Dakota developer, water provider go to trial

MINOT, N.D. – A North Dakota developer has taken one of the state’s rural water providers to court, claiming they broke contract by refusing to build a pump station for a proposed development in Berthold in 2013.

A civil trial is taking place this week in district court in Minot between North Dakota Development Group, Inc., (NDDG) and North Prairie Rural Water District.

According to a complaint, NDDG purchased 80 acres of land in Berthold in 2013 and entered an agreement with North Prairie to build the station.

NDDG says it paid North Prairie $475,000 in costs related to the project in Sept. 2013, but North Prairie told NDDG the following January that the station would not be built.

North Prairie responded, saying that NDDG broke the terms of their agreement, did not meet all the conditions necessary to build the station, and failed to pay certain fees in a timely manner.

NDDG seeks damages in the case.

The trial is scheduled to run through the week in Minot.