North Dakota continues National Drug Take Back Day

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BISMARCK, N.D. - According to the Attorney General's website North Dakota is the only state that offers a drug take back service year round, but Saturday is the day that the rest of the nation joins in.

If you have left over prescription drugs that you no longer need, turn them in.

That's the theme of the day for National Drug Take Back Day. Locations are available at most law enforcement facilities and pharmacies. Oct. 28, people are encouraged to turn in their unused medications.

The service is provided anonymously and is free. The goal is to keep these drugs off the street.

"Access to these medications we definitely know are gateways to what is all too often the beginning of an addiction to pills that leads to an addiction to street heroine. Good people, often our loved ones, becoming junkies, starting with the availability of pills," said Dr. Gordon Leingang, emergency trauma physician.

Since September of 2010 these programs have collected more than 4,000 tons of prescription drugs nationwide.