North Dakota animal saviors head to Houston

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MINOT, N.D. - Hundreds dogs in the Houston area were already in shelters waiting for forever homes, but since Hurricane Harvey hit, the need to find them homes is now more urgent.

A man from Rolette County is traveling to Texas to help provide shelter for those animals.

"We got towels, boot dryers, cause I know we're going to have wet feet every day" said Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue team member Keith Benning.

Benning says he is taking everything he can think of and preparing for the worst.

"They need a lot of people for transport and taking care of the dogs but they also need people with experience going down dealing with rescue dogs that are afraid, frightened, scared, hurt. We figured that's what we're best suited for, so we're going to go and get wet" said Benning.

The plan is to only take animals who need homes. The ones who are just displaced because of the hurricane will be kept in a safe place, until they can be reunited with their owners.

"If we take dogs back, they'll most likely be from shelters or those that are down in Texas or surrounding states that have already going through the process and the owner just doesn't want them anymore..either surrenders or strays" said Benning.

But he is in a race against time.

"I know there's a shelter down that that's talking about putting down 30 dogs to make room for displaced hurricane dogs. We are working to get a transportation pipeline to bring some of those dogs up" said Benning.

Harvey will be an ongoing problem for even the most seasoned rescuers.

"Having my truck get stuck and break down and becoming a hindrance and not being able to help. So we're going to have to be careful with that" said Benning.

Benning says he will be there for at least week and will leave all remaining supplies with flood victims.

Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue will be posting on its Facebook page how people can directly help the situation.