North Dakota: a growing state

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The North Dakota Census Office says the state's median income is rising.

According to TIME Money, the average adjusted median income in the state is $76, 836 dollars, and North Dakota is ranked third in states where millennial's earn the most money.

The Census Office manager at the Department of Commerce says North Dakota has the highest labor force participation rate, and our cost of living is the eigth least expensive across the United States.

"Not only are people working, but there are more people working full time, more people are working longer hours, and the incomes have been going up steadily over a period of time. Did we dip the last couple of years? Yeah we did. But it certainly seems like we're doing really well now," said Kevin Iverson, Census Office manager at Department of Commerce.

Iverson says people move to North Dakota because the state has opportunities for them.