North Dakota State Fair concert ticket scam

Photo Courtesy: North Dakota State Fair

MINOT, N.D.- Hundreds of thousands of people gather every year for the North Dakota State Fair. With the fair, come the concerts, but how do you know you aren't paying too much for those tickets?

We talked to the Director of Development and Communications, Stephanie Schoenrock and she said this is an issue that has been happening for many years. The State Fair has not yet started selling tickets, but one vendor on Facebook, under the name "North Dakota Event Finder," is claiming to already have the tickets and is selling them.

"The whole misleading part about it is it looks like we are the ones putting on the event because, well ultimately we are the ones putting on Rascal Flatts and so people think it is legitimate. They think they can trust that source of source of information. That is why we are really hoping to alert consumers to make sure they are paying attention to not be taken advantage of," said Stephanie Schoenrock.

Schoenrock said you can get an overpriced ticket from this vendor, but when the tickets go on sale and if the vendor waits at all, the ticket you've already paid for could be bought by someone else on the event's official page.

"The North Dakota State Fair Showpass will once again be priced at $110. We are not having a price increase, but these tickets that are being sold by ticket re-salers for instance, for just rascal flatts, they are currently priced at $171. Number one the North Dakota State Fair doesn't sale Rascal Flatts individual tickets to just Rascal Flatts. It is $110 for the entire show pass which is Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw and a few others that we have not announced yet," said Schoenrock.

Schoenrock said they are not sure when they will officially start selling tickets for the State Fair concerts, but the best way to buy them when they are for sale is through the North Dakota State Fair website.

We reached out to 'North Dakota Event Finder' over Facebook and are waiting to hear back.