North Dakota Senator is trying to prevent future flooding at Rice Lake

RICE LAKE, N.D.- Minot and surrounding areas have dealt with flooding in the past and Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., is trying to prevent it from happening at Rice Lake again.

Ward County is in the process of acquiring a home and tearing it down. The county plans to use that property to elevate the dirt and prevent future flooding around the lake.

The problem is that the FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation grant funding program doesn't allow fill on bought properties.

"We have had flooding around Rice Lake for a long time and we are finally getting on top of it by building up the elevations around the lake. So, FEMA needs to work with us to agree to do this and that's what we've asked them to come back with and give us an answer that, yes, we can go ahead and get this done," said Hoeven.

Earlier this week, Hoeven got a commitment from FEMA that they will respond to the county in a timely manner about whether they can continue to secure approval for the project.