North Dakota Outdoors is celebrating 25 years

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North Dakota Game and Fish Department's weekly television program, North Dakota Outdoors, is celebrating 25 years.

In this week's segment Mike Anderson reintroduces us to the father and daughter featured in the first program.

North Dakota Outdoors weekly video program produced by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department was first broadcast on commercial television stations on November 9th, 1994. The first program featured John Dockter and his daughter, Brea, during her first deer hunt.

"What I really remember about that day was pretty much just like the hunt part, like when we were, you know, going after the deer and tracking it.That's what I remember probably the most about the day. I tried to block out all the walking," said Brea.

"The challenge of going out there and finding that and being in front of the camera, that was a whole different program, you know. And so, we worked pretty hard at it. And, you know, the successes there and as you seen when Brea shot and she hit the deer, I mean, the surprise was there," said John Dockter.

1994 was also the first year Game and Fish held the youth deer gun season, and for John and Brea the family tradition of deer hunting continues today.

"I've been hunting with my dad my entire life. I think I've only missed one deer season since I could start hunting deer. And even to this day, we go, it's my dad, my husband, myself, my kids. I think that family time doing outdoor things, doing hunting, you know, incorporating that into a person's life, you know, taking it to our kids, making it a generational thing is really cool and it's important," said Brea.

"We've enjoyed every year of it. I mean, you know, that's one thing we've done as a family is a deer hunt. That seems to be a family tradition is a good deer hunt and have the whole family involved," said Dockter.

Since the beginning, the weekly video program has taken viewers behind the Game and Fish Department curtain and aired in homes across North Dakota.

"I look forward to every week to watch the North Dakota outdoors and see what's he going to do this week? I mean, and where is he come up with another week of the show and ceases to amaze me, Mike. You know, I love it. I can almost say I've watched almost every one that you guys have ever put out," said Dockter.