ND Farm Bureau voices concerns over Dakota Access Pipeline

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The North Dakota Farm Bureau is calling out the Governor over his handling of the pipeline protests, saying he isn't doing enough to protect farmers and ranchers.

The Farm Bureau says farmers and ranchers shouldn't be having their private property trampled and their families being escorted to school by the police.

On October 4, the president for the North Dakota farm Bureau penned a letter to Governor Jack Dalrymple explaining that they're unhappy with the efforts made to protect people in rural communities.

"I thought it was time we started asking the question of what's being done out there. We weren't seeing a lot of things being done," says Daryl Lies, North Dakota Farm Bureau.

Lies says the safety is the number one reason behind sending the letter.

"There's been things stolen from farms down there. There's destruction been done to equipment, people driving into yards and taking pictures of the farm, pictures of license plates and mail boxes," says Lies.

Lies also says that harvesting season isn't the longest in North Dakota, and if farmers and ranchers can't move cattle or harvest their fields it could affect them putting food on the table.

"We're in challenging times now. We have got resilient people in farming and ranching but when you throw something like this on top of it, what kind of affect will that have long term economically for those families," says Lies.

The Bureau says its upset that it hasn't received a response from the governor's office a week after sending the letter.

Lies says that he would like to see the National Guard deployed in more rural areas to help protect rural towns.

We contacted the governor's office, but he was unavailable for comment.