North Dakota Director's Cut

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 7:10 PM CDT
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The August oil field numbers are in and North Dakota is breaking records again. Some possible policy changes are also in the works for the near future for North Dakota's Oil and Gas Industry.

Oil production was just under one and a half million barrels per day which is an all time high.

"Had we had the infrastructure in place to capture all the gas, and to produce as much oil as the wells are capable of we would've been over one and a half million barrels a day," said Lynn Helms, Department of Mineral Resources.

Gas production was over three billion cubic feet per day, another all time high, with eighty-one-percent being captured statewide. Those numbers should increase with new facilities coming on-line in the next year.

"Two new facilities for a combined total of close to 330, uh 320 million cubic feet of gas processing capacity in the month of August. Looking forward there are still seven gas processing facilities that we have on the radar," said Justin Kringstad, Pipeline Authority.

The North Dakota Industrial Commission also has around a hundred rule changes on the way. Helms says the most substantial ones have to do with inactive and abandoned wells.

"The majority of those changes deal with making sure that those wells have to be put on a single well plugging and reclamation bond that they can no longer be part of the blanket bond package," said Helms.

He estimated North Dakota has six hundred and thirty wells that fall into those categories.

The comment period on the industrial commission rule changes ends at five on Friday.​

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