North Dakota Democrats Elect Leaders

BISMARCK, ND- Over the weekend, Democratic-NPL legislators elected their caucus leaders for the 2019 legislative session.

Dem-NPL representatives chose Rep. Josh Boschee of Fargo (District 44) to be House Minority Leader, and Dem-NPL senators re-elected Sen. Joan Heckaman of New Rockford (District 23) as Senate Minority Leader.

"I'm looking forward to working with my colleagues on adequately funding quality public services, expanding opportunities for all North Dakotans, and strengthening and supporting communities and families," Boschee said.

“Democratic-NPL legislators believe in putting the needs of working families in our state first, and we will roll out an agenda that reflects those values during the 2019 legislative session," Heckaman said.

The Dem-NPL House caucus also elected Rep. Karla Rose Hanson of Fargo (District 44) to be Assistant Minority Leader in the House and Rep. Gretchen Dobervich of Fargo (District 11) to be Caucus Chair in the House.

The Dem-NPL Senate caucus elected Sen. John Grabinger of Jamestown (District 12) to be Assistant Minority Leader in the Senate and Sen. Erin Oban of Bismarck (District 35) to be Caucus Chair in the Senate.