North Dakota Conference of Social Welfare comes to Dickinson

Published: Sep. 28, 2016 at 8:48 PM CDT
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The North Dakota Conference of Social Welfare is almost 100-years-old. And this year's focus on mental health is key for conference members.

"We're trying to build on that because we are coming up a little short with identifying that with children as well as adults in the state, and we want to make sure that we bring in people that provide those aha moments," says Dave Marion, ND Conference of Social Welfare​ President.

Eligibility workers and social workers from around the state gather together for the event.

Marion says the goal is to address social reform issues and create solutions.

"It gives us those opportunities to have the training, the education, the awareness that comes with working with a very vulnerable group of people, and kids and families, in the state of North Dakota. And it's a place where we can gather in one spot and make that our key issue," says Marion.

The conference offers leadership workshops, as well as a chance for organizations around the state to showcase their work.

Conference members say it gives them the chance to connect with other workers and adopt new methods.

"It's a great place to make contacts that I can use throughout the year if there's questions I have, or things I don't know to get answers for things," says Doug Wegh, Grant and Hettinger County Social Services County Director.

Some training include recognizing OCD in children, building healthy relationships and overcoming stress.