Nonprofit RSVP returns to North Dakota

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One challenge commonly faced by nonprofits is getting enough volunteers. Now a nonprofit that specializes in coordinating volunteers is making a return to North Dakota.

RSVP shut down at the end of March 2017, now they are back open and reconnecting with old partners.

They shut down last year because their main sponsor stopped funding them, now the organization is back open and looking to connect volunteers with work once more.

"It was a challenge for us to meet the needs, somebody needed to wear that hat. We're already stretched the way it is, so like I said we are so excited. We have always had a great relationship with RSVP, and were very excited that they're coming back," said Debbie Lafferty, Morton County Council on Aging executive director.

While RSVP used to coordinate volunteers of all ages, their current grant is specifically for those 55 and older that want to get out and help others.

"Depression can really set in if you're sitting in your house day, after day, after day. So when we give them a volunteer assignment that gets them out of the house, and that keeps them healthier longer," said Mary Siverson, RSVP Western North Dakota coordinator.

They do hope to expand services soon to be able to coordinate all ages of volunteers once more.

"Volunteers are such an integral part of what we do, without them we couldn't be successful at all. So we are really excited to have RSVP back in the picture. They're a great resource for us," said Lafferty.

They were one of the first organizations in the country to provide their program, one of the eleven test projects.

RSVP doesn't have a website yet but if you would like to contact the organization to volunteer you can call: 701-258-6815