No plans to rebuild Mandan Apartment that caught on fire this summer

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MANDAN, N.D. - Eagle Eye Management announced Tuesday that they don’t have plans to rebuild the Sunset Bluffs apartment building that caught on fire this summer.

A fiery memory that dozens are still trying to recover from.

"I had to start over, all over again," said Shannon Cone, former Sunset Bluff's tenant

Victims had 15 minutes to get their valuable. Many things are still left behind.

The management company says it aims to demolish the building. It says the insurance company deems it unsafe.

Cone said, "I think it will be hard to watch it come down because it's just so personal."

In a statement from the building official in Mandan he said the management company is aware of the need for a permit to demolish the structure.

Officials say during the site inspection they determined the building wasn't livable

"That was my security, that was my safety place, that was my home. I still have a lot of stuff in there and that's kind of the way everybody feels," said Cone

She says watching the building come down will be like the closing of a chapter for the victims.

The City of Mandan told Your News Leader there are no demolition permits filed for Sunset Bluff's as of Tuesday morning.

Officials with the Mandan Fire Department say the fire was determined to be unintentional and they believe it could've started because someone improperly discarded smoking materials.