No change to Minot's committee of the whole structure and schedule

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The City of Minot’s committee of the whole structure and schedule will remain the same--but not before some debate today on whether to change it.

Mayor Chuck Barney proposed a motion at today's meeting that the committee keep having two meetings, but split in half.

Each meeting would include three of the committee members and two Minot residents.

Barney said the citizen members would go through the same application process as the ad-hoc committees and the full council would approve them.

“I think that gives a perspective to the community that this is an open government. It also adds an additional layer of transparency but it also proves to be a good grooming platform for people interested in getting involved into city government,” said Barney.

Committee Member Stephan Podrygula, who opposed Barney's motion, said it was important for committee members to attend both meetings to know what was going on in the community.

"My history has been I think that now most alderman especially now that you go to both committees. You go to every committee because you want to find out what’s happening- the actions of the committee level,” said Podrygula.

The motion failed with a 3 to 4 vote, with committee members Podrygula, Wolsky, Sipma, and Straight voting 'no.'

The committee also voted unanimously to keep the same schedule of the committee of the whole meetings to meet at the end of each month.