Newborn livestock battle blizzard

The National Weather Service issued a cold advisory for newborn livestock leaving ranchers prepping for their livestock.

This latest blizzard had Mike Moser losing sleep because of the constant care needed for his livestock.

Moser, like many ranchers prepared for the blizzard by gathering extra feed and bedding.

"We've got trees, we've got windbreaks up, but when that snow is blowing that hard and the snow is heavy and wet, you know it sticks to them," said Moser.

He says there are snow banks everywhere making his job more difficult, especially with calving.

"We have calf shelters, and some barns where the calves can go in where the cows can't go in, and they know to go in there during this kind of weather, they're used to going in there getting out of the winter and snow," he added.

Overall, this winter has caused ranchers to go the extra mile

"Unprecedented in terms of prolonged cold and having a day like today, with these incredible wind gusts, really complicates things on livestock operations," said Julie Ellingson of North Dakota Stockmen’s Association.

Snow days do not mean a day to kick back and relax for ranchers.

"While the rest of the world can have the day off or schools are cold, those are the days that cattle producers really can't and put extra hours and intensity into their work in order to take care of their livestock and make sure their needs are put first," said Ellingson.

Moser says as soon as the wind calms down, he'll be able to dig out the gates and get into the cattle lots.

Ellingson says there are many hardworking men and women that continue to work around the clock to make sure their animals are cared for, and she hopes the weather will ease out so it makes ranchers lives easier.