New turf being installed at Minot's Corbett Field

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MINOT, N.D. - Crews at the baseball diamond have been installing a brand new artificial turf since mid-September. They are not waiting for warmer weather and are almost done with construction.

It's a welcome change for Minot High Coach Pete Stenberg.

“The turf field is going to make everyone a pretty good fielder. You’re going to get true hops all the time,” said Stenberg.

The field, which will cost more than a million dollars, not only brings a new surface to the ballpark, but brings in new possibilities for season schedules.

“This is a huge benefit to be able to start the season when they want to start it. They'll be playing on artificial grass but we'll be able to clear it off and they’ll have a nice playing surface, even in the spring time in North Dakota,” said Ron Merritt, with the Minot Park District.

The weatherproof design will allow teams to play ball spring through fall without having to worry about the weather.

“It'll guarantee, as long as it’s not lighting out and down-pouring, we should be able to play on a turf of this quality,” said Stenberg.

Construction will be done on Nov. 24.