New tax plan concerns nonprofits

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The tax break threshold Americans get for standard deductions is doubling under the new tax plan.

People who choose to itemize their returns might not meet the new ceiling.

Nonprofits are saying the new tax bill takes away incentives for middle-class families to donate to charities.

Bismarck nonprofit organizations say they are concerned with the new bill.

"Just going to have to step out in faith and keep trusting that our donors are going to keep supporting us," said Maj. John Flanagan, Salvation Army.

Flanagan says a lot of Salvation Army's income comes during the holiday season. "If the donations drop, we'd just probably have to take a look at our program and see if there's areas that we need to cut back in," said Flanagan

FirstChoice Clinic is another nonprofit that relies heavily on individual donations.

"Our donors that we feel that give really truly to the mission because they want us help women with their unexpected pregnancies. So we're hoping that it doesn't affect any of our top donors and shifting what they do," said Shelle Aberle, FirstChoice Clinic.

Flanagan says people do take tax write offs into consideration when they are making charitable gifts, and this bill is a concern for future donations to his and many other organizations.

The standard deduction for married couples filing jointly is increasing from $12,700 to $24,000, which could dramatically reduce the number of families who itemize deductions for charily, mortgage interest and medical bills.