New study finds airport self-check kiosks have the most germs

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BISMARCK, N.D. - A new study found that you might be carrying more than luggage with you at the airport. tested surfaces on airplanes and airports to see which had the most germs. The self-check in kiosks had an average of 250,000 viable bacterial and fungal cells per square inch.

Other areas tested include water fountains, armrests and bathrooms on the airplane. Disinfecting these surfaces requires more than a quick spray.

“If you just go in with a disinfectant spray or whatever product you have an try to disinfect it, a lot of that disinfectant is going to get eaten up by that organic material that's there. So first you want to clean that and then go in with that disinfecting product,” said Michelle Feist with the Division of Disease Control.

You can see the full study here: