New student political rights policy approved by State Board of Higher Education

Published: Jun. 9, 2020 at 5:00 PM CDT
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A new student political rights policy has been approved by the State Board of Higher Education.

This policy focuses on things that cover student political activities and electioneering.

The guidelines in the previous policy were more applicable to state employees, such as use of campus facilities, and freedom of expression.

The new policy was created to clearly outline student political rights.

The policy addresses the use of state funds in which students can use to host debates and forums.

They can't use these funds or use state property for electioneering, which includes activities that are in support of or in opposition to the election of candidates to a public office.

North Dakota University Systems’ Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Lisa Johnson said, "This policy the student political rights policy is been developed with the support of the students and to guide them in their political activities this fall."

This policy is not intended to limit student rights in any way, but is instead meant to protect the exercise of such rights.

This policy is effective immediately.