New outlook for the City of Bismarck

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BISMARCK, N.D. - There will be two new faces representing the City of Bismarck.

Tuesday night, Steve Bakken and Greg Zenker became the new mayor elect and city commissioner elect. Both Bakken and Zenker say they want Bismarck to be a destination spot and be open for business.

Bakken, the new Bismarck Mayor elect, will take office on June 26. He says he has big plans going forward for the city.

"We need to get a handle on our debt, handle on infrastructure, and then start moving forward from there," Bakken said.

Bringing Bismarck to the next level is also a goal for City Commissioner Elect Zenker.

"It's about the city of Bismarck being open for business and let the private sector drive the economy. Government should not drive the economy, the private sector should," Zenker said.

Steve Marquardt, a current city commissioner, says Bismarck is an evolving city and commissioners need to work together to take Bismarck to the next step.

"We can't change overnight, we can't change on a dime, we can change in incremental steps to get to that process," Marquardt said.

Bakken says having a vibrant downtown and community will make Bismarck successful.

On June 26 there will be an outgoing process for Commissioner Josh Askvig and Mayor Mike Seminary and the instillation of Zenker and Bakken will happen the same day.

City Commissioner Nancy Guy was also reelected to her commission seat with almost 28-percent of the vote.