New ordinance for off-highway vehicles in Mandan

Mandan could soon make new rules relating to off-road vehicles.

The city has had an ordinance for 4-wheelers, snowmobiles and other types of off-highway vehicles for a while, but it's now looking to revise and clarify the rules for city streets. Deputy Police Chief Jason Bier says the previous law was a little hard to understand. Previously there hadn't been any mention of golf carts on streets. Under the new ordinance they're not allowed at all. Class III off-highway vehicles, like a side-by-side, ranger or razor are allowed if they weigh less than 8,000 pounds, have four or more tires or are on tracks, have a seat and a steering wheel, and are registered by the state.

"As long as they have certain equipment, they're licensed they're insured they have eligible drivers, they're now going to be allowed on city streets with this ordinance,” Bier said.

Snowmobiles can be used for emergency travel, or in a pre-arranged time period. Tuesday was the first reading of the ordinance, a second reading will be at the next city commission meeting in two weeks.