New land opens for ND hunters

Tens of thousands of acres of new land has opened up for North Dakotans to hunt on this fall.

North Dakota Game and Fish says there are 791,000 acres available for hunters throughout the state this year; almost 30,000 more than last year. The PLOTS program, or Private Land Open To Sportsmen, was started in the 1990s and offers incentives for land-owners to let people hunt on their property. It peaked in 2007 at one million acres. Since then, the land eligible for the program has gone down. Game and Fish has added new programs that expands eligible land-types, so the numbers have slowly made a comeback.

"Our focus in the last several years has been on growing the program acreage, but with quality acres. So we're maybe taking a little bit of a slower approach to it to try to get good quality habitat in the program so that our hunters are going to be satisfied when they go out to a PLOTS tract and they come across one of these areas," said Kevin Kading, ND Game & Fish private lands section leader.

Kading says if you would like to know where PLOTS are, their locations are updated on the ND Game & Fish website every week.