New gadget spinning into Bismarck

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Hula-hoops, yo-yo's, and rubik's cubes are all iconic toys kids became fascinated with. Now, add fidget spinners to that list.

They are a fad among kids across the country. If you are a parent you may know what these twirling objects are, but what you might not know is that these gadgets have another purpose.

They are a hot item spinning off the shelves and into the hands of children.

These little twirling objects are called fidget spinners and Epic Technologies in Bismarck is one of the few places in town that carries them.

"Ordered 10 to see how they sell, 10 sold out within two days, so we are like okay let's order 50, and we are running pretty low on the stock of 50 we got in," said James Beck, Epic Technologies.

Although these devices have become popular among school children, they are marketed as a focusing tool for kids with anxiety, attention disorder and even autism.

Elizabeth's daughter Madison was recently diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety.

"It just kind of helps her when she's spinning it around in her hand just to kind of concentrate on something else rather than being nervous, kind of takes your mind at ease," said Elizabeth Dubuque-Briggs, customer.

"When you are playing with this you are kind of focused on it, you aren't thinking about anything else, nice vibration there might be some therapeutic there," said Beck.

Whether used as a toy or a tool this spiraling pocket-sized gizmo had become all the rage.

Elizabeth's daughter is allowed to use her fidget spinner at school, however, there is growing controversy nationally if it's more of a distraction than a focusing mechanism.