New documents detail more about Savanna Greywind's murder case

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - New court documents related to the Savanna Greywind murder were opened after the two being charged in the case made their first appearance. Those documents include a charging summery, affidavit to probable cause, and finding of probable cause. Court documents detail more about the two being charged in the case.

Documents say that investigators went to Brooke Crews and William Hoehn’s apartment multiple times before Greywind’s baby girl was found inside the apartment with Crews.

Documents also detail what Crews and Hoehn told police.

Hoehn told police that he arrived home from work on the 19th around 2:30 in the morning to discover Crews cleaning up blood in their bathroom. Hoehn also stated that Crews presented him with an infant baby girl stating, “This is our baby, this is our family.” Documents go on to say that Hoehn admitted removing garbage bags containing bloody towels and his own bloody shoes from the apartment and throwing them away in a West Fargo apartment dumpster.

Crews admitted to investigators that she had taken advantage of Savanna Greywind in an attempt to obtain her child and possibly keep the child as her own, according to documents. They go on to say that she had multiple opportunities to turn the child over to law enforcement or the Greywind family but did not.

Documents also show that Crews has been unemployed since 2014, due to some sort of illness. They read, “I’ve been ill for quite a while with no family able to help.” Crews and Hoehn marked that they each had zero dollars in their bank accounts, although Hoehn had $3 in cash on hand.

Search warrants related to the Greywind case remained sealed at this time. An order to seal the warrants says they will be available to the public once either the jury has returned a verdict, a guilty plea has been entered, or the case has been dismissed by the state.

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