New details on deadly plane crash

MORTON COUNTY, N.D. - The Morton County Sheriff’s Department confirms that based on the debris field of the November 18 plane crash that the plane did break up in flight.

“It’s the National Transportation Safety Board investigation to find out how and why,” said Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.

Kirchmeier says the medical examiner’s report confirms the cause of death of all three victims was blunt force trauma from the plane crash.

Deputies say nothing indicated that there was an explosion and there was no fire related to the crash.

As for the pieces of the plane in the large debris field in Morton County, Kirchmeier says some pieces were taken to a secure location in Bismarck and some were taken out of state.

Kirchmeier says there is no indication that something hit the plane, that he is aware of. But does say nothing was found intact because the plane broke apart at 12,000 feet in the air.

He says there is no indication that the victims had time to make a distress call.

Kirchmeier says he doesn’t believe it was a weather related accident and doesn’t know if it was mechanical. He says that will be the NTSB’s job to determine.