New dating app hopes to curb safety issues

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The dangers of finding love on dating apps can be a safety issue. But one company says it's hoping to make it a little safer.

The online dating app world can be full of possibilities.

"It's always risky, you know. I guess I took a chance, and I got lucky," said Matt Detillier, found significant other on dating app.

But it can also be a scary one.

"The person that I was talking to- when I met up with them in person- it looked nothing like who it was," says Krista Savage, dating app user.

"I have had one guy that kind of wouldn't leave me along," says Kasie Gotschall, dating app user.

The Minot police department says dating app incidents have included sexual assaults, luring of minors and scams.

"An individual did meet someone on an online dating app, they met that person in public and it did end in a sexual assault. These apps are something that predators go on, um it does happen here," said Krista Cousins, Minot Police Department detective.

We recently reported about several such incidents happening on the MSU campus.

This April a New York based company launched a free dating app to help curb this trend.

"No one else is doing this work that really needs to be done we're the only game out there that verifies people's identities and make sure they're not criminals," said Joe Penora, Gatsby App CEO.

The App is called Gatsby and is the only platform of its kind to check every user for criminal and sexual offenses.

Gatsby says more than ten percent of registered sex offenders admit they used online dating to find their victims.

While Gatsby says the app is getting a lot of good responses, not all offenders are registered sex offenders.

"They're so many creeps anyways that haven't had a criminal background that you're still going to end up finding," said Gotschall.

"You have to use common sense, no advancement in technology is going to be able to replace common sense," said Penora.

Using dating apps safely is important and hopefully this app can help its users find love in a safe way.

The Gatsby CEO reminds users to: Refrain from giving out personal information, let someone know where you're going, meet in a public place and get to know the person.

The app plans to offer a paid subscription, you can find out more about it by visiting its website.