New children's shelter opens in New Town

NEW TOWN, N.D. - The MHA Nation unveiled a new child safety center to look out for children in the community needing a place to stay.

This is just one example of a number of resources the Three Affiliated Tribes invest in to keep their people safe.

“Raising the standard of living for our people, that's the goal here,” said MHA Nation Tribal Chairman Mark Fox.

That’s a goal Fox says is one of the reasons tribal leaders cut the ribbon on the brand new Three Affiliated Tribes MHA Child Safety Center.

“It's all about addressing the needs and issues that our people have right now. Health issues, social services issues, all these different things. So everything that we're putting in the ground is going towards that,” Fox said.

“This nation came from the structure of the family,” said Dr. Monica Mayer, North Segment MHA tribal councilwoman.

Mayer says having a safe place for children to stay if they can't spend the night at home will help strengthen family ties.

“It means everything too us; the safety and survivability of our nation, of our children, of our family structures, and our traditions, and cultures, and way,” Mayer said.

Investing back into their community, as well as the next generation.

The total project cost is $3.2 million, but afforded room for five girls and five boys, and is expandable to up to sixteen beds.

The shelter is meant for short-term stays where the children are evaluated and cared for by six full time staff members.