New bike rack available in downtown Bismarck

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Bismarck has had two disadvantages when it comes to encouraging more people to pedal to work.

One is cold weather for half the year.

And the other is not having a place to park their bicycles downtown.

The city can't do anything about the weather, but it has set up a place where people can lock up their bikes in a safe place.

Inside the parking garage at Sixth Street and Thayer Avenue is a new rack, which was made by a Bismarck State College welding class.

It fits in an unused space and has room for up to ten two-wheelers.

"And the great thing is that it came way under budget compared to what we were looking at from buying like a one off the shelf type system," says community development planner Will Hutchings.

It's free for anyone to use.