New and transfer students get warm welcome at MSU

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 11:54 AM CST
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Students returned to campus Monday at Minot State University, but for some this is their first day on campus and they received a warm welcome.

Welcome day has events for everyone to explore different resources available at MSU. It's a day offered to help students transition into the college scene.

Sessions involve finances, safe drinking behavior and stress maintenance are just some of the classes offered to help students adjust.

Older students from all over who have already experienced the event came back to help lead it.

MSU student leader Lordina Yeboah helped new students navigate the event. She said she wanted to help new students from all over get adjusted.

“I should become a student leader to help people transfer from high school or from different high schools or different countries to the United States environment.” said Yeboah.

Emily Norman, an orientation leader says the event can help students get used to a college environment.

“I think it kind of gives them a perspective into what college is really like, even if they are transfers. And how going to a small school can be so beneficial. How to build those relationships that I think are so important. And to be comfortable with their environment.” said Norman.

First year students are required to go to at least eight sessions during welcome day. They say having these classes offered help them in the long run.

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