New Williston ordinance allows companies to apply for a license to brew, sell their own beer

WILLISTON, N.D. The Alcohol industry is always growing and developing. Williston's City Commission is trying to keep up.

Craft beer and microbreweries are one of the hottest trends, and Williston wants in.

"In our times today you are seeing more of this as you travel whether it be business pleasure, whatever have you. If we are trying to attract these types of restaurants in our community we need to allow that opportunity," said Cymbaluk.

Last fall, the commission was approached about opening a microbrewery. Since city code didn't allow for one, the person was turned away. But it got the commission thinking.

"Maybe we need to see down and reevaluate this. Open up that option for them and see where it goes," said Cymbaluk.

Under the new ordinance, companies can apply for a license to brew and sell their own beer, ferment and sell their own wine, or distill and sell their own spirits.

"If one comes to fruition or not we don't know. At least the option will be available to that person or that entity," said Cymbaluk.

Plenty of people would happily welcome a microbrewery.

"Oh definitely, I'll have to go check them out and see how they are doing. I have a cousin down in Arizona so I'd have to bring him up here and get him out," said Brown.

The ordinance passed with a 4-0 vote. A Second reading will be at a future commission meeting.

The ordinance says breweries would be allowed to off-sell their beer.