New voting stations give Burleigh County some options

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Anyone living in Burleigh county will be able to vote at any polling station, this is to help accommodate the busy lives of younger voters.

"I have to leave work early to get out to Lincoln. Pick up the kids, get out there, drop them off and then go and vote. So, I mean it is inconvenient to have that one location," said Jessica Holcomb, a Lincoln resident.

Statistics display that the larger group of voters showing up on election day are 18 to 40 years old. Those older than 40 are more likely to vote absentee or through early voting. Overall, 35 percent of North Dakota voters utilized these latter options in the last election.

"We don't need all of these election day precincts when we have all of these people voting before elections," said Kevin Glatt, Burleigh county auditor.

This freedom comes at a cost, the city of Bismarck is going from 23 polling stations down to just 12.

"It's working, I make it work, but I think more would be better, because I do work in Bismarck. So the hours, being able to take a lunch to go vote without having to run out to Lincoln, would be more convenient for me," said Holcomb.

Those living in the rural areas of the county have the same polling stations as they have always had. Though if they happen to be in Bismarck on election day, they also have the freedom to vote at any of these stations as well.

To be clear, the way you actually cast your vote at a given station will be the same. You just have more options.