New Trinity High School includes global chapel

Published: Jan. 12, 2017 at 7:05 PM CST
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Workers are putting the finishing touches on the St. John Paul II Chapel.

In less than two weeks, the noises echoing from the chapel will sound a bit more angelic. The two-year project will finally be a sanctuary.

"We're humans. We like to see things and smell things and touch things. And when they walk into a chapel so beautiful, the hope is they're going to be overwhelmed," says Father Thomas Grafsgaard, Chaplain, Instructor, Trinity High School.

The St. John Paul II Chapel at Trinity High school is 4,000 square feet and will fit all 350 students. But what makes it even more special?

This chapel is in southwestern North Dakota, but almost everything in it is from a different part of the country and the world. From the lights, to the marble on the floor.

"The marble is from all over the world. Manufactured in Asia, and has made almost a 13,000 mile trip to be here," says Grafsgaard.

The stones in the medallions are from several countries, including Italy, Greece, Taiwan and Turkey.

But Father Grafsgaard says the biblical - and personal - meaning behind each painting and stained glass window truly makes the new chapel unique.

"In the mural we have students, and we have saints that have been a very important part of Catholic education," says Grafsgaard.

The chapel will be the focal point of Trinity High School.

"Our Catholic faith is, of course, centered on the Eucharist and the mass and celebrating our Catholic faith. So this chapel is really at the heart and soul of Trinity," says Grafsgaard.

A holy space giving students a global perspective.

The first mass will be Jan. 30. Bishop David Kagan will be dedicating the chapel that day.