New Trinity High School building nears completion

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Seventy-five days. That's how long students and faculty at Trinity High School have left until they can walk through the doors of their new building.

"They're ready to come out of the sardine can because they've been cooped up now for two and a half years," says Father Kregg Hochhalter, Dean of Students.

Father Hochhalter says the 219 students have been patient and resilient, but are ready for something new.

"You need stability and you need constancy. And physically we haven't had that seen March of 2014," says Hochhalter.

Nicole Praus was a freshman when the old building burned down. She says she's ready for a fresh start.

"Freshman year was a big blur until the fire, and we've been crammed. And I just cant wait to get into the new building," says Praus.

The new building is 80 percent complete. Although crews still need to finish painting, lighting and flooring, they're still on time.

"Trying to learn around a working construction site. Those kids have been able to do it, so it gives the rest of us a lot of motivation to get this building done for them," says Kyle Johnson, Project Engineer.

Faculty says the students have been giddy with excitement.

"Kind of like little kids preparing for Christmas. And it's like a Christmas gift for them," says Steve Glasser, President of Dickinson Catholic Schools.

The new building will open to students on January 3.

Dickinson Catholic Schools recently received a six-figure donation from American Bank Center, and $500.000 will go towards the building fund.