New sheriff in town in Wells County

WELLS COUNTY, N.D. - We depend on law enforcement officers to keep us safe, which is why it hits hard when one of them doesn't live up to that trust.

The Wells County sheriff stepped down in April, and one month later, was charged with bribery and selling meth.

Fast forward over six month and they have a new sheriff, with a new mentality; who's ready to hit the ground running with fresh ideas.

He said he is living out his dream of being a Sheriff.

"I think I even told teachers I would become sheriff in this County one day,” said Wells County Sheriff Christopher Kluth.

Sheriff Christopher Kluth grew up in Fessenden and his dad was the Chief Deputy of the Wells County Sheriff's Department when he was a boy.

"It molded me into the person I am now. He is my idol," said Kluth.

Kluth has been in law enforcement since 2007.

In June, he was appointed Sheriff in Wells County.

"I just want to get back the respect and integrity of this department from what happened with the former Sheriff. So people can call us with anything and talk to us and trust us," said Kluth.

"I expect nothing less than what I've seen. I expect professionalism. He's very thorough. He's just wonderful. It's so nice to have law enforcement back in the county, I just can't stress that enough," said Office Deputy Janelle Pepple.

Kluth hired two deputies when he was appointed.

Their biggest goal right now is getting the community to rely on them again.

He said it has always been his dream to be a sheriff and he's excited to be back in his hometown doing it.